Mr & Mrs. Rogers - They are building a new home, and starting a new chapter in their life… here are some shots.

Hemmann Family - Happy Birthday Sophia, turned 1 on the 4th of July! 

Hes Out ! [ Xavier ] - meet Xavier only 2days old, and his Daddy Justin… Justin’s Tattoo is in honor of his Grandmother. His Mommy is Chelsea from Chelly [Belly]

Baby [Beckett] - God has a plan for all of us, and this little man is a fighter!  … he has the most amazing parents anyone could ask for… here he is 10 days old !

Chelly [ Belly ] - My wonderful cousin, who is a soon-to-be mommy. I had the honor of capturing her journey… I can’t wait to meet you Xavier ! Love you, Aunt Leigh

Big Brother  [Ryder] - It was wonderful spending the day with him, learning more about why it is great to be three & a new big brother…

Everyone has a photographic memory , just some people dont have any film

—Nellys fortune cookie